Grand Prix Paint Protection Kit This is the Kit for Hobbyist!!! Get 10%. Use Special Discount Code 5190234


Price: $199.99

Everything you will ever need from badly oxidized paint to new paint such as clear coats. Great for all vehicles. Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, Airplanes, and Recreational Vehicles a must. All products packaged beautifully in a re-usable kit box with a handle. When you run out of a product just replace it in the box. It is what you have been waiting for! Kit contains all 10 of our Glare Professional Products. * Glare Ultra Wash® The most advanced vehicle wash. A PH balanced no-wax wash. Safe for all paints, including the new clear coated paints! Contains Glassplexin® * Glare Vinyl & Leather® All Weather Protection! Glare Vinyl/Leather with Supplexin is designed to beautify, soften, deodorize, preserve & protect against damaging agents found in the everyday usage of your vehicles interior! * Glare Micro-Finish Glare Micro-Finish® is a revolutionary Micro-Compound designed to remove light to medium oxidation and scratches. Contains Glassplexin® * Glare Spider Glare Spider with Glassplexin® is chemically formulated to remove & fill scratches, spider webbing & swirl marks. Glare Spider® is designed to be used in conjunction with Glare Professional Products. * Glare Professional Polish® The most revolutionary polish ever developed! A non-stick high gloss all- weather sealant protectant. Filters out harmful Ultra Violet rays from the sun. The finest polish for your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, aircraft, and boat in the world. Nothing like it, Nothing beats it Period!The highest shine and depth of glass available. Glare Professional Polish also is excellent for sporting goods, glass, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, fiberglass carbon fiber, and all metal alloys. Contains Glassplexin * Glare Rapid Action® Most exciting express polish ever developed! A non-stick high gloss all weather sealant for cars, trucks, RV, motorcycles, aircraft, boats, fiberglass, carbon fiber, plastic, stainless steel, chrome, polished aluminum, and all metal alloys. Contains Glassplexin® * Glare Turbo Action Wheel Cleaner® Glare Turbo action wheel cleaner is the most powerful effective and fastest working wheel cleaner on the market. A non-acid based formulation. Safe for all types of wheels. * Glare Tire Magic® The most revolutionary tire dressing ever developed. Ultra Long Lasting. Conditions tires for a natural new tire look. No harmful Silicones!!! Stops UV ray damages and tires from cracking and fading. Contains Supplexin® * Glare Knock-Out® Contains Glassplexin® Starts the repairing process. the most Technologically advanced compound ever developed! Removes heavy oxidation without scratching or damaging the surface. * Glare Liqui-Clay® A brand new type of claying system! Smooths rough paint and & removes fall-out & stubborn blemishes before polishing! Wont re-scratch your paint like a clay bar does. Beyond 22nd Century Technolgy!

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